Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#StrangeLit Bundles: Live on

Today marks the official release of #StrangeLit Bundles on Buqo. Here's what each bundle has to offer and these bundles will definitely take you to different worlds of fantasy and paranormal experience. 

A werewolf chef, a cursed family, a spell to forget. You'll meet these and more in the ten stories of the KILLER SEASONS installment of #StrangeLit, featuring:

Resto Rescue by Maita Rue
The Last Night of Her Wake by Chrissie Peria
House of Silver: A Cursebreaker Novel by C.P. Perez
The Myth Menagerie by Lana Garcia
Vengeance: The Awakening by Arlene Manocot
At The Wishing Well by Amae Dechavez
Intersection by Den Lim
Disappearing Act by Roselle De Guzman
The "Forget You" Brew by Tara Frejas
Aurelia by Japonicus

This is what happens you allow yourself to unlock your dreams: You may just find the darkness that lurks there. Explore the tragic, the romantic, and the comedic side of our darkness in these stories:

Majesty by Jay E. Tria
Dare to Dream by Madelyn Tuviera
Lagablab (or How L Came to Be a Warrior-Magician) by Myra Mortega
Sojourn by C.J. Edmunds
Trade by D.A.
Bayani by Motzie Dapul
When It Rains In Mystic River by Therese Barleta
In My Dreams by Yeyet Soriano
I Melt by Chen Cabaluna
Gamechanger by Mikael Javellana

Maybe once upon a time we all were ordinary, until the day life took a fateful turn. Do we accept this, or run from it? Explore the path of extraordinary choices in these stories:

The Mermaid From Siquijor by Justine Camacho-Tajonera
Spirit by Nina Tuballes
The Lady in Pink by Carla de Guzman
The Eternal Harmony Funeral Home by JM Agustin
Fate by Sue Donymko
Glimmer by Ren Mayari
The Warrior's Dilemma by Sette Luis
Harvesting Nightblooms by Will J. Sarm
Enduring Attachments by Johann Farson
Sparks of Circumstance by Chi Rodriguez
The Rite of Passage by Rose Gallardo

Beware the tale that distracts you with the telling -- it's planting a truth in your mind, and you may find yourself believing in the incredible too. Sit back and let it happen, while reading:

Bloodline Maharlika by Anne Plaza
Shake-Ups by Elea Andrea Almazora
As The Night Ends by Alveel Kaith C.
31st by Cindy Dela Cruz
Stormy Hollow: The Hunt for the Divine Necklace by LC Mills
A Sky of Wishes by Kristel Ann Cruz
The Secret Society by S.J.M Fuertes
Talulikas Chronicles by Clark Feliciano
Nexus Book 1: Anathema by Ysa Arcangel
Viva Voce by DJ Paraguya 

 Just click the title bundles to get these awesome stories. Bon appetit!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aftermath of Reading No Strings Attached (A story by Mina V. Esguerra)

Having an e-book copy of No Strings Attached on my iBooks is all thanks to Mina V. Esguerra's generosity. It's free from her instafreebies giveaway. Yay! Thanks.

And now after reading this book, the story left me hanging, left me hanging with one question, and that is would I be like Carla when I am already 29 and almost reaching the big three-oh in a few months? The fact that I am an NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) for 25 years is still a threat to my barren love life. But I believe faith does not make things  easy, it makes them possible (Luke 1:37). So, as I long as I have faith, God will surely, positively and certainly send a Dante directly to me sa tamang panahon. That is without a doubt. (Please God... >_<)  

Here's the blurb of  No Strings Attached by
Carla is a whiz at her job: she’s efficient, reliable, and a total genius when it comes to putting something together at the last minute. The snag is she’s single and turning the big three-oh in a few months. Her girl best friend (yes, she’s married just like the other girls in Carla’s barkada) keeps trying to set her up with stable banker-types, while her guy best friend (single – the other single one) encourages her to play the field – no strings attached. Then, through no set up or extraordinary circumstance, Carla meets Dante. Hot, smug, sexy Dante. Definitely not a banker-type and seemingly too good to be true. So there’s got to be a catch. There is. He’s five years younger. Is the universe telling Carla to finally let loose and enjoy a fling with a younger man? Or is there a lot more to this awkward situation that she bargained for?

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Meeting Mr. #TattooedLeftLeg

Seeing him...
It all started yesterday. I was all fun and excited because finally, finally, I can go to #MIBF2015. After long years of longing, I can meet my soulmates. Soulmates. Yep. Those books are. But there's one thing I must do along with my friends, we have to pay the fee for our Comprehensive Exams. BTW, I am currently taking up my master's degree and passing a compre exam is a must to finish my degree with defended thesis. Can't believe I am on my last semester and hoping to graduate this summer of 2016, in God's will. 

As I was saying I was all excited and fun, but as the saying goes expect the unexpected or expect the 'UNKNOWN'. Aware that the lacking requirements in our application had been processed and we assumed that we are 'Approved' as takers of the exam, all things failed and paying the fee wasn't easy as we expected it. I could scream at the top lungs if only I could. A lacking requirement was on the verge of preventing us on taking the compre this coming September 25, and it was a defeat, almost. But we won't give up, Arra, Grace and Jabilah weren't not the type of my friends who would let their pamasahe go on a waste. Standing in front of the Registrar's Office on the 3rd floor of Ninoy Aquino Building in PUP Santa Mesa was a struggle. Personnel at the Registrar's Office were nice enough to deal with our concerns, but it seemed like they wanted us to go back to Santa Rosa with a failed mission. And coming home unaccomplished was not an option. It never was. Persistent, we asked if we could talk to the OU's Director and that was Dr. Castolo. We were positive that she could help us. But sadly, the man (who was very nice, really) advised us that it wasn't a good idea. With hopes thinning bit by bit, the Registrar herself, appeared when we most needed her. Telling her our dilemma that we won't be able to get a test permit was taken to another level, in a good way. She allowed us to proceed to the Director's Office and ask for help. That didn't fail us. Waiting for the Director worth it. She practically solved our problem. Signing a waiver and exchanging it with the test permit was a long journey, but at least we were able to accomplish our mission. As a celebration, we toasted our victory with the taho we bought along the PUP Campus. It was almost 6 in the afternoon when we left the campus. And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet my soulmates. The books at #MIBF2015, probably next year, again.

It was a long day. By train or bus were the options we have to travel back to Santa Rosa. Train was cheaper, so in a unison it won. As if there was anyone who would argue on that topic, we were frugal. We have waited for 30 minutes for the arrival of PNR. It was long, but our patience was more abundant than the money we had. So waiting was by choice. As expected, it was a jam-pack train, but it was beyond their imagination. Well on my case, I was able to experience a loaded train car few years ago. We were practically packed like sardines. Jolly as they were, I was able to laugh it off, we all did. 

It was one station before Alabang and the train felt conducive and breathable. What a ride! was written on their faces. Arra who was a bit a sleepy, Grace who kept on texting her boyfriend and Jabilah talked to a Muslim woman, as she always did whenever she met one, and I who was left alone standing as their asses enjoyed the seats. It was 8 pm when we reached Alabang station and it was a chance to fill our grumbling stomach. Refreshing ourselves in the restroom was part of every woman's routine. Sweaty and smelly, Arra and Grace wore the t-shirt we just bought from PUP and printed with the pride of our Alma Matter. Jabilah, who didn't buy one was okay with her blouse and for my case I just did't want to change. We ate at Greenwich and ordered same meal, A1. Though we waited for almost 15 minutes, with rice, spaghetti, fried chicken and pineapple juice for only 111, it was a feast. 

Exiting Star Mall, we aimed to arrive at South Station for a jeepney ride to Santa Rosa.  We were dead tired and we craved for a good night sleep, but the market in Muntilupa City mesmerized us with its wide night market as we passed by the lengthy over pass. Vegetables, fruits, phone accessories and a lot more were on the side streets. Gleefully, we bought some and amazed with the cheap price. Continuing with our walk-a-thon, Arra and Grace, who love to dress up, stopped on an already closed dress shop, but luckily they had clothes displayed outside the store, so we were able to scrutinize some of the designs. Grace and I bought a high waist pants with different color, and I thought we were being frugal. 

And at last, after all those stops we made it to the terminal. There were already few people inside the jeepney and I couldn't care less what were the looks of those people, but I usually did. As my friends entered the jeep before me, a person was looking right straight at me my face as I bent over, our eyes met. I held my gaze at him as he did with mine, my friends were all sitting on the left side and me, alone on the right side still engrossed with our own secret moments. It took me seconds before I surrendered, I looked away. A smile kept on sprouting from my lips as I discreetly took a peek of the guy who was two persons away from me. With the stolen shots I developed from my peripheral side view, I was able to get worthy details. His tied long hair was a teased to my hand, I could free those strands and lavishly brush them with my fingers. His face deadpan and his ears accessorized with those round black earrings. He had that bad boy aura, but he looked fresh with that fair white complexion. Being embraced with those strong arms and his legs with solid muscles, he was a man. A man with a tattooed face of woman on his leg, it made me wonder if it was a girlfriend or a wife, but he looked young. He is a young man who had awaken the woman inside me. Nagising niya ang katuwang lupa ko as what the saying goes.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

BLOODBATH of #StrangeLit Anthologies: It's #KillerSeasons!

A bloodbath of anthologies has began. Finally, the 41 #StrangeLit stories have been bundled under these titles:

1. Killer Seasons         2. Darkest Dreams         3. Fateful Turns         4. Incredible Truths

Will be available soon on buqo app!

The Awakening, book 1 of the Vengeance series (that's another soon...), is included in the Killer Seasons Anthology along with the other 9 titles. This bundle will take you to a world of death (not really... that's figurative ~_~) and have an encounter of creatures with killing intent, and ironically, see how they save the whole race of humanity. The KILLER SEASONS installment of #StrangeLit features:

  • Resto Rescue by Maita Rue
  • The Last Night of Her Wake by Chrissie Peria
  • House of Silver: A Cursebreaker Novel by C.P. Perez
  • The Myth Menagerie by Lana Garcia
  • Vengeance: The Awakening by Arlene Manocot (Mine. ~_~)
  • At The Wishing Well by Amae Dechavez
  • Intersection by Den Lim
  • Disappearing Act by Roselle De Guzman
  • The "Forget You" Brew by Tara Frejas
  • Aurelia by Japonicus

         Beware of these awesome titles!  
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

#StrangeLit Experience with #Buqo: A Writer in Progress

An opportunity knocked and I grabbed it like a rock. 

Signing up to #StrangeLit Online Workshop is one of the few right things I did so far in my life.

That's the answer I had in mind when the writing guru, Mina V. Esguerra, asked us, the #StrangeLit Writers, to evaluate the whole experience we had from the workshop during the second face-to-face meeting last September 5, 2015 at Summit Media Office, Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3, Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City. 

#StrangeLit is an online writing workshop that aims to produce stories in Paranormal X Urban Fantasy Genre. The workshop ran from August 1 to September 5 with two optional face-to-face meeting (August 2 and September 5). It was sponsored by Buqo. The sponsor, Buqo, is a digital bookstores that aims to promote digital age in reading books. It means stories and mags in ebook format. And it was organized by Mina V. Esguerra along with other people from different fields of expertise. 

#StrangeLit provided activities and lessons that really helped the estimated 90 writers to meet the deadline in submitting a finished and edited Manuscript. At the end of the workshop, 41 Paranormal X Urban Fantasy Stories will soon be ready to be downloaded and read on your smartphone or tablet (very soon... I'll blog it, once they are out on Buqo store). 

Here are the activities and challenges conquered by #StrangeLit Writers (a Yay for all the finishers):
ü  Activity 1 (Introduction and Reflection on Story Goals)
ü  The challenge is TRUTH 
ü  Activity 2 (Concept)
ü  Activity 3 (First 3 pages)
ü  Activity 4 (Last 3 pages)
ü  Manuscript Submission 

Resource persons shared their expertise with the #StrangeLit Writers through the list of lessons below: 
Lesson #1: Characters
ü  Creatures of Change and Coherence by Paolo Chikiamco
Lesson #2: Paranormal Romance Basics
ü  Basics of Paranormal Romance by Marian Tee
Lesson #3: World Building
ü  World Building by Kate Evangelista
Lesson #4: Starting a series, and visual storytelling
ü  Writing Your First Story by Budjette Tan
ü  Writing and Publishing for the International Market by Marian Tee
ü  Publishing is Not... by Kate Evangelista
ü  Manuscript Submission Guidelines by Ariel Lim

#StrangeLit Online Writing Workshop with all the challenges, activities and lessons won't be possible without the names mentioned above. Kudos to all of us. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

A BOOK FOR AN eBOOK: Trading for A Cause at #‎MIBF2015 by #Buqo

Trade your old book for a new one. That's what #Buqo has in store for us in the upcoming Manila Book International Fair 2015.

#ABookForEbook Project by #Buqo aims to gather books and these will be donated to some chosen libraries. A book in exchange for an e-book, simple as that and you'll get an e-book bundle (that's more than a story, it means stories. yay!).

Here are the e-book bundles you might get:
  1. #buqosteamyreads – 5 bundles
  2. #buqoYA – 5 bundles
  3. #JustWritePH – 5 bundles
  4. #StrangeLit 4 bundles 

Visit #Buqo at booth 419 (Hall 1) at SMX Convention Center for other exciting giveaways and have the chance to meet and interact with the authors on the following dates:
September 19 (Sat)
• 10 am - 3 pm #buqosteamyreads
• 3 pm - 8 pm #buqoYA
September 20 (Sun)
• 10 am - 3 pm #JustWritePH
• 3 pm - 8 pm #StrangeLit

See you there! :)