Wednesday, September 16, 2015

BLOODBATH of #StrangeLit Anthologies: It's #KillerSeasons!

A bloodbath of anthologies has began. Finally, the 41 #StrangeLit stories have been bundled under these titles:

1. Killer Seasons         2. Darkest Dreams         3. Fateful Turns         4. Incredible Truths

Will be available soon on buqo app!

The Awakening, book 1 of the Vengeance series (that's another soon...), is included in the Killer Seasons Anthology along with the other 9 titles. This bundle will take you to a world of death (not really... that's figurative ~_~) and have an encounter of creatures with killing intent, and ironically, see how they save the whole race of humanity. The KILLER SEASONS installment of #StrangeLit features:

  • Resto Rescue by Maita Rue
  • The Last Night of Her Wake by Chrissie Peria
  • House of Silver: A Cursebreaker Novel by C.P. Perez
  • The Myth Menagerie by Lana Garcia
  • Vengeance: The Awakening by Arlene Manocot (Mine. ~_~)
  • At The Wishing Well by Amae Dechavez
  • Intersection by Den Lim
  • Disappearing Act by Roselle De Guzman
  • The "Forget You" Brew by Tara Frejas
  • Aurelia by Japonicus

         Beware of these awesome titles!  
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