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Fangirling Series (Fantasy-Romance)

My Hopeless Case (Book 1)

Seal it with a kiss.

One of the weird instructions from the manual that is engraved on a rusty and old dagger that suddenly turns novel on a drop of a red liquid entity. It is strange, and Arian has no escape from it. She has been bombarded with strange things from the moment she has decided to sleep. Sleep with a dream that may last forever… 

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Chasing an Elusive Dream (Book 2)

Dreaming has been a big help to Arian in escaping reality – her not so good reality, as what she thought it is. And now her dream is unbelievably fulfilling her wishes, but what could go wrong when you’re living a life with the one you love? In her case, nothing much, it’s just that he doesn’t want her the way she wants him. An obsessed fan as she is, will she be able to let go of Sung Bin Lee – a guy who just hates her existence? 

A sequel of My Hopeless Case for #WriteBreakupSongsAbout.

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Once Summer Days (Book 3)
Hye Soon Goh is a novelist who can’t write what she wants and due to the huge demands of erotic stories, she grabs the opportunity of being published in ero genre. Scared to death of how people around will perceive her as an erotic writer, she uses the pseudonym Tae Min Song, which happens to be the real name of a K-Pop star.

Tae Min Song has been an in-demand celebrity for quite a while in Seoul, but the tricky part of it is the surge of controversies he is experiencing every now and then. And the recent one accused him of being a pervert ̶ ̶ one who would gratify his desires to the point of writing erotic stories. Aware of it, his manager takes necessary action against the writer and the publishing company.

Now, Hye Soon must choose: to write her dream behind bars or take the second chance laid by the K-Pop star himself?

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Vengeance Series (Fantasy)

The Awakening (Book 1)
CLEO HARWITE is just simple college student. Her target is to live a normal life, and that includes getting a stable job after graduation, then she’ll do what a human does.

But when a hot crossed breed exchange student, Ikeda Takada, appears just months before graduation and brings abnormalities to her life. Will she be able to preserve what little ordinary life she has?

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The Gung Ho Lady Series (Crime Fiction)

The Gung Ho Lady (Book 1)

Darkness is buried within the deepest part of her soul. A blurry past unceasingly haunts her passive and calm universe and her distorted mind is a burden she can't get over with. Involved in a murder case, will she be able to prove her innocence? 

Margaux Dela Cruz has always viewed the world as a place for repentance. A place to pay the debt of sins, a place where humans pay the price of being alive. The price that can never be sufficed by anyone in this world and while praying for the permanency of her everlasting solitude, a man, a creature from another herd, appears and bedlam begins to ensue in her once placid life. 

A story of Sins. Repentance. And Love.

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Poem Anthologies

Yearning for the One (Poem Anthology 1)

Yearning for the One is a poem anthology about unrequited love, crushes and random clichés in life. Each and every one of us experiences yearning. Looking and waiting for that someone who can be with you forever. Someone who will accept you despite your imperfections. Someone who can stand all your tantrums and put an end to all of it. Even an NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) has this yearning. More so that most of them spend their lives waiting for the one. But don't fret! God has a plan. It's a perfect plan. Reserve yourself for that special one. The one that God has put His grace with and deserves to be with you. Forever... Not the modern fairy tale ending, but the traditional one, so both of you can live happily ever after! So save yourself!

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