Thursday, December 31, 2015

My 2015--Cheers!

Happy that finally, my path as an author has kicked off at the last quarter of this year--better late, than never. So, I'm wrapping up my 2015 with these titles:

•The Awakening (Vengeance Series, Book #1) - A fantasy story finished under ‪#‎StrangeLit‬ Class. It's part of the ‪#‎KillerSeasons‬ bundle, available at

Cleo Harwite, a simple college student, is aiming for a normal life. A life where she and her family can eat a complete set of meal three times a day. A life to live through simplicity.

Everything is going according to her plan. Graduating on the 4th year of her college is her main objective and finding a job will be her next, but not until Eve appears in her consciousness.

Eve, according to Cleo's judgment, is her conscience. An annoying conscience who is continually teasing and nagging her. Her disposition has lost its equilibrium ever since her existence. She has brought chaos in her life. And just when Cleo thought that there won't be anyone, "AS IN NO ONE", who's more annoying and disturbing than Eve, another one appears. Ikeda Takada.

Ikeda Takada, a Japanese exchange student for a week, has found a way to infiltrate the supposed to be Cleo's "NORMAL LIFE". Aside from being an exchange student, he is a model / actor who is just starting his career in Hollywood. Why would a Hollywood celebrity like him want in a public university? That is insanely ridiculous from her point of view.

With all these chaos and disturbance directed towards Cleo, would she be able to keep her NORMAL LIFE intact?

•The Gung Ho Lady - A crime fiction story under ‪#‎HeistClub‬ Class, target release date is on January 2016.

Darkness is buried within the deepest part of her soul. A blurry past unceasingly haunts her passive and calm universe and her distorted mind is a burden she can't get over with. Involved in a murder case, will she be able to prove her innocence?

Margaux Dela Cruz has always viewed the world as a place for repentance. A place to pay the debt of sins, a place where humans pay the price of being alive. The price that can never be sufficed by anyone in this world and while praying for the permanency of her everlasting solitude, a man, a creature from another herd, appears and bedlam begins to ensue in her once placid life.

A story of Sins. Repentance. And Love.

•My Hopeless Case (Fangirling Series, Book #1) - A seven-chapter, short story during the ‪#‎WriteBreakupSongsAbout‬ prompt. It's a RomFan (romance, fantasy), available on Kobo, Smashwords, Amazon and soon at

Seal it with a kiss.

One of the weird instructions from the manual that is engraved on a rusty and old dagger that suddenly turns novel on a drop of a red liquid entity. It is strange, and Arian has no escape from it. She has been bombarded with strange things from the moment she has decided to sleep. Sleep with a dream that may last forever...

A short story for #WriteBreakupSongsAbout.

There you have it, I've got three stories to offer bookworms/readers/everyone. I pray that I'll be able to write more stories for the years to come and share them to all of you. Thankful for all the people who have been part of this journey. Grateful to God for making everything possible. That's it--a meaningful and productive 2016 ahead of us! TGBTG!

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