Friday, December 11, 2015

#WriteBreakupSongsAbout - That One Thing!

I joined an online writing class for the third time and it was supervised by none other than Mina V. Esguerra, the fairy and a genie who creates opportunities for aspiring writer like me, and I just love her for that, I mean she's an inspiration.

#WriteBreakupSongsAbout was not really a formal online writing class. It was a structured schedule to finish a short story inspired by any 1D songs. Yep, you read it right One Direction. From all their relatable and young adult songs, I chose One Thing.  I was specifically inspired by the line you've got that one thing and I need that one thing'. I had written this somewhat similar line in my story (but not literally as it was) and had written this story few years back, so what I did, was revised the whole story to fit with the guidelines of #WriteBreakupSongsAbout. The finished MS was entitled My Hopeless Case.

Enjoy the blurb!
My Hopeless Case 
Seal it with a kiss.
One of the weird instructions from the manual that is engraved on a rusty and old dagger that suddenly turns novel on a drop of a red liquid entity. It is strange, and Arian has no escape from it. She has been bombarded with strange things from the moment she has decided to sleep. Sleep with a dream that may last forever…
UPDATE: Received an e-mail from Mina: The gist of it was PUBLISH, so need to polish it and self-publish it.

The complete story is available on wattpad for only a certain period of time. Here's the link: My Hopeless Case

Happy reading! ^^

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