Friday, January 15, 2016

COVER REVEAL: The Awakening (Vengeance Series, #1)

Greetings friends!

•First, Thank you for those who signed up to my newsletter and got to see the cover first. <3 If you haven't feel free to be part of the list. 😁

•Second, The Awakening will be available as standalone. Soonest! [If the odds will favor us]

In case you're not aware of The Awakening (Vengeance Series, #1), it is the first book from my Vengeance Series and also one of the 10 stories in #StrangeLit - Killer Seasons Bundle that was released last October, 2015 and still available on -

•Third, here's my first cover reveal to my list. Yay! Is it good? Is it bad? What do you think of the full cover?


CLEO HARWITE is just simple college student. Her target is to live a normal life, and that includes getting a stable job after graduation, then she’ll do what a human does.
But when a hot crossed breed exchange student, Ikeda Takada, appears just months before graduation and brings abnormalities to her life. Will she be able to preserve what little ordinary life she has?

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