Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cover Reveal: Chasing an Elusive Dream

Here's the cover of book 2 from the Fangirling Series, Chasing an Elusive Dream. You like it or you love it? 😍


Dreaming has been a big help to Arian in escaping reality – her not so good reality, as what she thought it is. And now her dream is unbelievably fulfilling her wishes, but what could go wrong when you’re living a life with the one you love? In her case, nothing much, it’s just that he doesn’t want her the way she wants him. An obsessed fan as she is, will she be able to let go of Sung Bin Lee – a guy who just hates her existence?
A sequel of My Hopeless Case for #WriteBreakupSongsAbout.

You can read 'Chasing an Elusive Dream' exclusively on Radish. Download the Radish on App store (iOS only, soon on android and web) and read chapters early. You can read a chapter free after every seven days, or purchase in-app coins to unlock chapters. The full book will be published early next  year or later this year.

Already prepared a full cover for prints... So, you like it or you love it? 😍
*For ages 18+ because of some languages 😊

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