Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sneak Peek: Chapter 4 of 'Chasing an Elusive Dream' is live on Radish.

'Chasing an Elusive Dream' can be read exclusively on Radish. You can read Chapter 4 for free after 7 days, or purchase it with in-app coins to unlock the chapter, that's if you can't wait for 7 days. :)


Sneak Peek:

I try to get a glimpse of the clock on the bedside table, as the light hit my eyes, it says 12 AM. So, it’s just a nap for about three hours, but I feel refreshed and anew – must be the effect of this expensive mattress. As I stretch my arms and legs on the bed, I feel something warm, something like heat from a human being which is very strange. Pack shit! It isn’t a dream. The woman.

I find myself beside a naked girl. I startle, I check my robe, and thank God it is still on me. Making sure she is still asleep, I slowly crawl to get off from the bed. Yet, it is a failed escape from the den, she is wide awake as she lies there looking cozy. To my surprise, she forcefully pulls me back to the bed and once again I am lying flat on it with her. 

“Why in a haste, Arian?” She mentions my name in very chic and sexy way; we are side by side as we look at each other’s eyes. I try to avert her gaze, but she is persistent.

“Arian,” I am mesmerized by how she says my name. There’s something about her voice, I think I have heard it somewhere before. I stare blankly at her trying to remember if I have met her, but there’s no trace of memory about her. Completely unguarded because of my reverie, she’s practically over me. 

“What’s with you?” At last, I manage to speak. Her actions are confusing and depicting twistedness.

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