Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tweaked Book Cover Reveal: Chasing an Elusive Dream (Countdown to release day, 08.25.16)

I made some changes with the cover of Chasing an Elusive Dream, just a bit. It's a better version. I think. Comment below, what you think? Hehe.

And here's the good news everyone!

Book 2 of Fangirling Series will be out on August 25, 2016, and also the start of the blog tour by The Bookwhore Diaries. 

This series is dedicated to all the fangirls out there!
Dreaming has been a big help to Arian in escaping reality – her not so good reality, as what she thought it is. And now her dream is unbelievably fulfilling her wishes, but what could go wrong when you’re living a life with the one you love? In her case, nothing much, it’s just that he doesn’t want her the way she wants him. An obsessed fan as she is, will she be able to let go of Sung Bin Lee – a guy who just hates her existence?

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