Sunday, September 25, 2016

My First MIBF and All The Feels

Manila International Book Fair happens every year on the month of September. Ever since I learned about this event back in 2013 (I think), I have always wanted to come to the event and be drowned by tons of books. The said event happened from September 14-18, and this year, I was there, though it was only the last day of 5 days still I was able to attend the fair. Another special thing about this event was having my latest self-published book, Chasing an Elusive Dream, available at the fair (Yay!). It was only 7 copies and I was glad they were sold out. I knew some who bought a copy or two through social media, thank you, thank you! ^ - ^ 

#AllTheFeels was held also on the last day of the event (another reason why I chose the 18th to attend the fair). Live readings happened and swooned all the readers and writers who filled in the entire room. Gio Gahol as always never failed to deliver kilig. Hehe. Migs, Gab and Gracielle were awesome. 

Also the announcement of winners in Precious Pages Movie Making Contest was held at the stage event. Congrats to all! 

Wait! There's more! Another event to look forward to this coming October is the #FeelsFest, which is set to swoon all of the humans with feelings. 

And as planned, I will launch a new book, Once Summer Days, hopefully. ^o^

Aren't you excited? Well, I am nervous, reallly nervous! (sigh, hehe)

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