Sunday, October 30, 2016

Era by Jesse David

Era is not a full romance novel I usually read based on the recent e-books and print copies I got, and not really something that I would write up for a review. But the story got me, had me, made me think - and feel something I always have whenever I read graphic novels. It has magic (not the supernatural though, more on scientific aspect with regards to Era), and mystery. Inquiries kept on popping out of my brain as the scene on every pages flashed in front of my imaginative eyes. And I so love the tinge of romance in the story, I don't know maybe I just have that thing about romance, or maybe the magic, mystery and romance combined together just really works on me. 

Characters that I love! Haha.

Era is such a sweet heart after having a family of his own.

Sam is the bestest of the best best friends, ever!

Bel is such a Bel, she's perfect for Era. Hahaha. 

Left with lots of feels about life, time, regrets, family, friends, love, taking risk, making a choice and choosing the most important thing in life. This is an inspiring read for everyone who believes that we should live and love life to the fullest. Fighting! ❤️

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